ResourceToResource R2R Summary

Description and Example

Resource To Resource R2R is software designed to enhance the management and understanding of our large institutions, organizations and governments. The R2R mathematical algorithms track the complex workflow required to create the services and products produced. As part of that process, R2R calculates the precise price of each product and service delivered and validates that the deliverables match precisely the organizational expenses. The results support techniques to identify redundancies and analyze how changes in workflow can provide a more productive organization.

The following table illustrates the summary of R2R results using California’s 2019 Budget to define the costs of providing these services to the citizens of California. For example, each citizen of California is allocated $425.77 to support the Corrections and Rehabilitation Services.

California Departments Consumer Consumers In Thousands Cost Allocation In Tousands Price In Dollars
Business, Consumer Services, Housing Businesses 981 5,378,689.4 5,482.86381
Corrections And Rehabilitation Citizens 39,238 16,706,267.4 425.76756
Environmental Protection Citizens 39,238 5,430,235.4 138.39226
Health And Human Services Citizens 39,238 66,022,473.4 1,682.61566
Higher Education College Students 2,768 19,140,856.4 6,915.04928
K Thru 12 Education K-12 Students 6,003 61,717,956.4 10,281.18547
Labor And Workforce Development Adults 30,449 2,108,406.4 69.24386
Legislative, Judicial, And Executive Citizens 39,238 8,634,065.4 220.04346
Natural Resources Citizens 39,238 7,611.016.4 193.97055
Transportation Citizens 39,238 16,319,360.4 415.90704
. . . . .
California Total Allocated 209,069,327
Total California Budget Expenses Citizins 39,238 209,069,327 5,328.23607