Allocation Process and Results

Allocations and Deliverable Pricing

Allocation Calculation and Pricing - The Cost Allocation process calculates the price of every product or service defined in the organization. The price calculated includes the Resource expense and the sum of all the deliverables allocated from other Pods in the organization network. The Pods Price is based on these expenses and the number of deliverables generated by the Pod. Thus there is total accountability Total Cost equals the product of Total Delivered and Pod price for each Pod. The sums of the deliverables to outside sources equal the total expenses of the organization.

Resource Pod Summary - The Pod summary show a line for each Pod and the totals for that Pod from the Allocation Process

Cost Allocation - All the expenses in the organizationís statement are listed on this grid and report. They are organized by Pod and inched a description and Expense account Id, the percent allocated to the Pod

Allocated Deliverables - All the deliverables from the services and products are listed. Each line includes the Pod or external source that received the deliverable, the number delivered, the price and total.